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I’m not sure when I bought this book, but it wasn’t recently.  I began to read it and then set it aside.  Not sure why, because when I picked it up again a couple of months ago , I couldn’t put it down.

“On The Water,” written  by Nathaniel Stone, is a story of his travels by boat from New York City north through the canals, down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to the Gulf, around the tip of Florida and back to NY.  A really fun book with good stories about the people of America. Nate (if I may call him that) shares a fair amount of personal introspection and you begin to learn a bit about what kind of man he is and what’s important to him.  Here’s just one quote that I can deeply relate to………

“It was true, I’d been treading water, wondering what was next, and waking up in the morning had become more of a habit than an opportunity.  Days were becoming forgettable; they blended too quickly in memory.  It was time to derail the train, jump off, and walk into the nearest forest.”

Nate describes when his dreams of adventure begin to materialize and the historical sailor who was his inspiration.  Of interest is the Portage to Portage Project, where Jake Stachovac is currently doing the same trip (though he started in Wisconsin) as Nathaniel Stone.  You can follow his blog at the above link.  Jake’s  goal is helping us realize how we are “all linked by water,” and how we can find adventure just out our own backyards.


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