All about kayaking from the San Francisco Bay Area


It’s almost been 2 weeks since we had a sunny morning.  We’ve also had 3 or 4 spring storms roll through with some pretty large amounts of rain.  Yesterday was a pretty day.  I set out early from Redwood City Marina because I wanted to explore south out of the main channel towards Dumbarton Bridge, and winds were expected at 15k. The tide was on ebb after 10 AM, so I was going to take advantage on my way back.  Sorry no pictures today.  I do have a map of my route though.

Lots of people out.  I saw only one other kayaker putting in as I was getting out.  No one was around me in the bay except for about 15 seals as I rounded Greco Island taking advantage of the sun and bathing in it’s warmth as I passed by.  Saw a few young pups too.  All in all a nice outing of about 13km.  Still trying to get my systems down.  Set my watch to drink at 15 hours instead of minutes today; oh well.  And my Forerunner’s batteries died instantaneously.  Not sure how that happened as I charged it all night long?

eat well, sleep well………….paddle fast!


One response

  1. Sounds great despite the ‘techno’ difficulties 😉

    April 25, 2010 at 7:32 AM

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