All about kayaking from the San Francisco Bay Area


Today’s post has no pictures or snapshot of my route.  I did use my GPS but forgot to turn it off for the drive home. Therefore all the stats include my trip in the car.  Oh well.  I did go back and view just the route in my kayak.  Yesterday I paddled a couple miles further than ever before towards San Leandro Bay .  So I wanted to look at the geography and landmarks via a map to compare with the visual impression I had from the water.  This area is new to me, so as I plan future trips with more distance I can know ahead of time where I want to go.

I was very motivated to get a paddle in yesterday as we’ve had high winds and I hadn’t been out since the week before. Ten to 20kt winds were predicted with gusts to 25kt so I was unloaded, on the dock, and ready to put in by 8:30AM.  I’d seen the branches already swaying in the wind on the drive, so I was hoping for the winds to be blocked by Alameda Island.  It was pretty deserted when I got to the docks.  There were a couple of vehicles with empty boat racks; they obviously had beaten me to the water.  It didn’t look too bad from the dock…….I slipped into my cockpit and all of a sudden I just didn’t feel like fighting the elements, paddling in gray weather, or going solo.   I sat there a minute and figured out my “emotional” strategy for the day.  I had originally planned to go at least 8-10 miles, but now I was feeling like I just wanted to crawl back into bed.  OK, I’ll shoot for the route I’m familiar with, 6 miles, and maybe the wind will force me off the water sooner.  I’ll see how I feel if I reach the 6 mile turnaround,  maybe I’ll go further.  Once I got into the rhythm of my stroke I forgot about how I was feeling.  I was concentrating on technique and adjusting for the gusts of wind and watching for traffic bigger than me.  Then the sun came out and I forgot all about the warm, cozy bed.  I was enjoying myself.  The first 3 miles ticked off pretty fast (the wind was behind me), and I decided to keep on going.  I passed under about 4 bridges; this part of the channel narrowed and one side was all residential.  It was very pleasant and before I knew it I had gone all the way into San Leandro Bay.  If I turned around here it would be an 8 mile trip and I would have the wind in my face all the way back to the start.

So, turn around I did and the wind really picked up my last mile into the docks.  But that negative start turned into a really positive paddle!

eat well, sleep well…….paddle fast!


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