All about kayaking from the San Francisco Bay Area


Gone and back from southern California.  Had a good visit with my mom.  She lives near a private lake which allows powerboats and kayaks, but guests cannot utilize the lake with their own kayak.  Go figure.  Having a lab who loves to swim I use to exercise my dog by throwing sticks for her off the shore.  Now they have a rule, NO dogs in the water.  I propose the idea that powerboats and people are more polluting than my dog.  So it wasn’t much fun for either of us (me and my dog).  They also have a recreational center with a nice big pool, but they made a new rule, NO people in the pool over 40 yrs. old (just kidding :)) I was going to swim but it was VERY windy and cold with thunderstorms.  So the long and short of it is, I had a very relaxing (vegetative) visit.

Now, back to kayaking………  I have a 4-day weekend, and tonight is a pool session practicing rolling.  Tomorrow’s a very early morning paddle with a friend of mine, and Monday begins my official training for the Colorado 100.  It begins with a 6 mile paddle at moderate pace.  Wednesday is a 6 mile time trial, and Thurs. is 6 miles easy. June 5, is my first long Saturday paddle, 12 miles; a total of 30 miles the first week.

An update on kit and outrigging.  I’ve decided on a small deck bag by North Water, the Turtle Back deck bag at the front of my kayak.  It’s pretty small and will hold only essentials like chapstick, sunscreen, gels, supplements and some snacks. A  4L water bag (MSR Dromlite) will be suspended behind my seat.  A colleague at work is fabricating that set-up as we speak.  The waterbag has a drinking tube just like a CamelBak and will be clipped to my PFD.  I will use both a headlamp and a bow light.  The bow light will be affixed to a StickyPod for the night hours (no full moon this year), and I will use the headlamp only as needed.  I’ve removed the Garmin GPS from the StickyPod and will attach the GPS to the deck bag.  Also on the front deck will be my 4-6 hour feeding bottle (Perpeteum in a 24 oz. insulated water bottle).

With regard to clothing………. It’s supposed to be 100ºF, so first off I’m ditching my spray deck.  I’ll probably wear a wicking, long sleeve shirt (UPF30) and paddling shorts, hat, and sunglasses.  Haven’t decided on the attire for my feet yet.  So as the days and miles accumulate over the summer, and I test trial my equipment, rigging and products, hopefully I’ll also be building up those callouses and perfecting my technique.

eat well, sleep well………. paddle fast!


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  1. PO

    Just an FYI. A colleague used a drom lite 4 with a hose as his hydration bladder (in a pack) on a NOLS course, and the hose separated from the bag leaking into his pack. It did it more than once. I am not saying it will happen to you – I love my drom bags – just an FYI


    May 27, 2010 at 6:41 PM

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