All about kayaking from the San Francisco Bay Area


Home late today after a 6 mile paddle after work.  I was really worried about the wind as it was reported to be 15-25 kts. in the afternoon. While still at work we were getting some really good gusts and it even crossed my mind, “what if it’s too windy to actually get in the water?”

Well off I went to the public dock, parked and took a gander just outside the car.  It didn’t look too bad at all. Unpacked gear, got the boat in the water, hopped in, and off I went.  It was 6 miles, fast.  I beat my time from Monday, but the paddle today is a baseline, something to compare to in another month.  I won’t bore you with a picture of my route.  It’s the same one I took on Monday.  I forgot to put on my heart rate monitor, but I do have speed over distance.  I’ll have to add that later as I still have to go unload my kayak from my car for the night.  Had to rush in and eat dinner first!

eat well, sleep well……….paddle fast!

Today: 6 miles/1:35:29/Cumulative: 12 miles


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