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I was blessed with beautiful weather; neither high winds, fog nor wintery clouds.  Out on the water, solo yesterday, by 7 AM. It was a big day for me.  Twelve miles in an area I hadn’t gone before.  Used my dromedary for water.  Johnny hadn’t finished the fabrication for it’s suspension behind my sit (in the cockpit).  So I put it behind me on deck.  Wasn’t the greatest and the cap somehow unscrewed about midway out.  But I was able to get it back on and had enough water for the rest of the paddle.  Also used Perpeteum, the liquid food for endurance athletes for the first time.  Had the cafe latte flavor.  It was very palatable (actually tasted quite good); I didn’t get hungry and supplemented that with water for a little over 3 hours.

A happy ending to my first, full week of training.  Thirty miles.  At weeks end, I realize I had some anxiety about it all beginning.  First, how would I feel dealing with the logistics of loading and unloading gear four days a week, 3 of them during the work week.  I worried about not only being up to the physical challenge, but also emotionally with the stress of it all.  I worried about the winds a lot.  One day was pretty horrible.  Interestingly enough, that was my “easy” day, which it was NOT because of the wind.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to put in more than 6 miles.  I definitely felt tired after my 12 miles, but I wasn’t wiped out the rest of the day, and this morning felt really good physically and psychologically.  I’m ready for week two: 7 miles at a moderate pace tomorrow.

eat well, sleep well……….paddle fast (training miles: 30)


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