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Today’s the end of three weeks of training.  This week was pretty successful with regard to getting my miles in and little disruption from winds.  Monday was 8 miles at a moderate pace, and mostly it was a great paddle with sunny skies.  I have to admit, I was somewhat unsettled with any sudden gusts of wind.  Vigilance left over from the previous Saturday experiences.

Wednesday and Thurs. paddles were 4 miles each; one fast and one at an easy pace.  Funny how 4 miles goes by fast when you start to do 12 and 15 mile paddles once a week.  However, Thurs. I just didn’t feel right.  I seemed to be unable to get in a rhythm and didn’t feel comfortable.  It wasn’t physical, more emotional.  And, I wasn’t hungry (you know something’s wrong).  And today I was suppose to do 20 miles, but I’m feeling a little under the weather so I decided to postpone until tomorrow.  So maybe that unsettled feeling I had Thurs. was the beginning of my cold.  Tomorrow I’m going to try the Alameda Island circumnavigation again. Push-off 6 AM, and winds are predicted 5-7 mph. I invited my coach, but he chickened out. (-:

On another note, here’s a pic I borrowed from Mackayak’s blog.  Just had to post to share my horror over events in the Gulf.

eat well, sleep well………paddle fast!  Cumulative miles: 68


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