All about kayaking from the San Francisco Bay Area


That north point of Alameda Island is really freakin’ me out. Yesterday I purposely started early to beat any wind.  It was predicted to be only 5-7 mph anyway.  I arrived at the dock at 6 AM to cold, cloudy and windy weather.  It was already reading 10 mph with gusts even higher.  My plan was to paddle to the north and “peek around.” I guess the currents and wind make this an unpredictable spot. I didn’t get too far before I decided to just turn around and go south.  The winds were getting worse and I was worried my day might be shortened altogether.  Turning south put me against the current.  Oh well.

Here’s my route.  I did round the south point and get into the Bay. This is near the area where I had to get off the water last week.  Boy did it look different. My schedule called for 20 miles. I did a little backtracking to get all the miles in.



eat well, sleep well……….paddle fast! Training miles: 87


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