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This is my last post before the race.  My boat’s already in TX, awaiting my arrival tomorrow.  I’ll spend a day and-a-half in Bastrop before the race start at 7AM Sat.  They’re staggering starts with the adventure class first and the competitor class 2 hours later.  Things will start to heat up when we visit the race start Fri. afternoon to complete the final outfitting of my kayak, visit with other racers and land crew, and attend the mandatory meeting in the evening. Wayne, who drove my boat to TX sent this picture of the river today.

Colorado River, TX

I received a “Pre-race” email on Monday which caused my first butterflies.  People are wishing me well and asking if I’m ready.  I wish I could say unequivocally, “YES.”  I feel like the most difficult part will be with my mind, not so much my body.  I believe it’s our mind with the invisible, and unmeasurable spirit that helps us do extraordinary things. It will be my mind and spirit which keep me going when my body is screaming to stop.  I know the body can do this; many people have paddled more than 100 miles, non-stop through the night.  I dream of joining their ranks.



Today my boat leaves my protection and is under the care of my friend who’s driving to TX, transporting not only his boat but two others for the CR100.  Here’s my boat, all “packaged”  on my car.  In a couple of hours I’ll drive all my gear and equipment for delivery to my friend’s house.  He starts a  long trip to Bastrop early tomorrow; the start of the race on Sept. 4.

It’s going to be very strange just hanging out the next week.  I begin my vacation next Tues., but don’t fly to Austin until Thurs. morning. No paddling; that’s strange.  No gear to clean or organize; that’s strange.  My bathroom totally uncluttered of drying gear; that’s strange.  No checking for wind advisories; that’s strange. In fact, I’m wondering what I’m going to do with myself this weekend and the first 2 days of vacation since my kayak and gear is all gone?  Very strange.

eat well, sleep well….paddle fast!  Training miles:  all done (strange)