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Three weeks after the race and I finally got back out on the water today.  I didn’t have my boat until last weekend but I’d decided to rest my wrist until today.  Put in at Redwood City marina; a beautiful day.  Supposed to be pretty hot; Indian summer and it’s almost Oct.  I launched about 10 AM.  No wind; the water was like glass.

This is out in the bay.  I’d planned on 4-5 miles.  I had to force myself to turn around; as it was I did about 6 miles.    It felt so great to be back in my boat.  Now I’m thinking I’ll do some reconnaissance next Sat. at Lake Sonoma.  They have some boat-in campsites I’m really itching to do.  Maybe I’ll go up really early Sat., check things out, do some paddling and return home in the evening.


The mileage has started to wind down during the week.  This has afforded me time to think; oh yea, the race is 2 weeks away. Originally I’d planned to drive (1700+ miles one way), but now a friend is taking my boat and I’m flying into Austin Thurs. before the race.  That means I virtually have to be ALL organized by this upcoming Thurs. as that’s when Wayne is leaving with my boat. OMG!  I want everything I need for the race to go with him.  What if my bags get lost on the flight? A whole new level of worries. (-:  So I’m getting together all the clothes (not much as it’s almost guaranteed to be 100º), gear, mandatory equipment, and food so it’s ready to go.  I only have 4 more training paddles, one with a borrowed boat next Saturday as mine will be somewhere west of California.

One night this week I got the mandatory equipment list together, printed driving directions for my crew, and maps for each section of the river between checkpoints.

Then I spent time putting together all my supplements which I take each and every hour of the race.  While I’ve been training I’ve dialed in what and how I will eat; mostly liquid food with the occassional Clif Bar, gel, peanut butter pretzels, and fruit at the checkpoints. I will have gone as long as 9 hours under this regimen while training and hope it serves me well for the race.  I’m hoping to finish in 24 hours, but 32 is the official cut-off time.

Tomorrow Wayne and I are returning to the San Juaquin River, Two Rivers park to Dos Reis park, about a 22 mile route, down river. Thanks to Kate (my land crew at the race), again, for shuttling us back and forth; we’re going to run that route twice for a total day’s paddle of 44 miles.

So, now I’ve had my morning coffee and it’s time to go do a quick 5  miles, putting in at Redwood City.

Eat well, sleep well………..paddle fast. Training miles: hundreds


It’s almost been 2 weeks since we had a sunny morning.  We’ve also had 3 or 4 spring storms roll through with some pretty large amounts of rain.  Yesterday was a pretty day.  I set out early from Redwood City Marina because I wanted to explore south out of the main channel towards Dumbarton Bridge, and winds were expected at 15k. The tide was on ebb after 10 AM, so I was going to take advantage on my way back.  Sorry no pictures today.  I do have a map of my route though.

Lots of people out.  I saw only one other kayaker putting in as I was getting out.  No one was around me in the bay except for about 15 seals as I rounded Greco Island taking advantage of the sun and bathing in it’s warmth as I passed by.  Saw a few young pups too.  All in all a nice outing of about 13km.  Still trying to get my systems down.  Set my watch to drink at 15 hours instead of minutes today; oh well.  And my Forerunner’s batteries died instantaneously.  Not sure how that happened as I charged it all night long?

eat well, sleep well………….paddle fast!